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Textile, clothing, leather, chemical fiber and so on, become the focus of the reform and upgrading of Zhejiang manufacturing

 In order to enhance the Zhejiang traditional manufacturing industry development level, accelerate the adjustment of economic structure and change the mode of development, the Zhejiang provincial government recently formulated the "Zhejiang Province comprehensive upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry action plan (2017~2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the "action plan").
 The plan of action clearly states that through the efforts of the past 4 years, the status of key traditional manufacturing industries in the international division of labor and value chain has been significantly improved, and the traditional manufacturing transformation and upgrading demonstration zones in China have basically been built. Speed up the construction of ultra billion industrial clusters 10, nurturing tens of billions of Yuan leading enterprises 30. The output value of new products reached 35%. Energy consumption per unit of industrial added value, wastewater discharge and water consumption decreased by 4%, 2% and 5% respectively.
 "Action plan" pointed out that according to the industrial development foundation and the degree of association, this year the focus of the transformation of Zhejiang textile and apparel, leather, starting chemical, chemical fiber 10 manufacturing industry upgrade, accumulate experience, and gradually expand to other traditional manufacturing industries.
 In the textile manufacturing industry, to promote the textile industry to high-end, intelligent, green, agglomeration direction. We will focus on the development of high-quality textile fabrics, high-end silk and home textiles products, and expand the application of industrial textiles. Speeding up the development and application of digital and intelligent textile equipment.
 In the chemical fiber manufacturing industry, strengthen the new functional fiber, high performance fiber and bio based chemical fiber development and industrialization, promote the chemical fiber manufacturing industry to change the new materials industry, expand the application of fiber products in the functional clothing, aerospace, rail transportation and other fields.
 In the garment manufacturing industry, to promote the garment manufacturing industry to fashion, personalized direction. Strengthen the construction of independent brands, speed up the transformation of garment enterprises from large-scale standardized production to flexible, customized and other service-oriented manufacturing.
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