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Three enterprises selected "national industrial brand cultivation" demonstration"

Recently, the State Ministry of industry announced the 2014 annual list of national industrial brand breeding demonstration enterprises, 97 enterprises nationwide selected. Our province has 4 enterprises on the list, and Hefei occupies three seats. It is understood that the city's three selected enterprises are the sun power, Limited by Share Ltd, Hefei, United States, Asia Pacific photoelectric technology, Limited by Share Ltd and Anhui Amway synthetic leather, Limited by Share Ltd. These three enterprises in the photovoltaic inverter, color sorter and synthetic leather field in the forefront of the country, but also the most well-known brands in their respective fields. It is understood that the implementation of the national industrial brand development, to enhance brand awareness and brand management capabilities, enhance brand competitiveness and value; at the same time with the brand development of pilot enterprises as the backbone, leading the enterprises to carry out brand development work. City Commission by letter will strengthen the demonstration enterprise guidance, through training, communication and other forms of publicity and promotion demonstration enterprise experience and cases, and guide more enterprises to establish and improve the brand management system, improve enterprise brand cultivation ability and performance.