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Add 41 "intelligent factories" and "digital workshops"

Hefei daily news Hefei informatization, industrialization, the pace of integration is accelerating. Reporters learned from the City Commission by letter, this year, the city's "intelligent factory" and "digital workshop" selection results were announced, 3 enterprises were elected "intelligent factory", 38 enterprises workshop project selected "digital workshop"".
Smart factory, all kinds of resources is the production, circulation network including manufacturing, warehousing and logistics equipment, the formation of an intelligent, it is characterized by a cloud computer management, the manufacturing process of complex can be controlled, the past can not be recorded in details can track the intelligent enterprise to improve the timeliness, accuracy, and optimize enterprise inventory, reduce capital occupied, improve work efficiency and production capacity of enterprises. The selected three enterprises - Anhui Limited by Share Ltd, Anhui salt Quartet red Amway materials Polytron Technologies Inc and lucky Hefei science and Technology Industry Co. Ltd., with a higher level of information, in the area of production, management, logistics and makes full use of information technology, improve production technology, improve production efficiency.
It is understood that since 2014, the city began to implement the plan, to create 100 smart factories, 1000 digital workshop, 1 wisdom enterprises that in 5 years, and promote enterprises to change from the single board business applications to multiple business integration application; collaborative applications change from single enterprise application to the chain, to improve the level of intensive industry. In 2014, a total of 3 enterprises and 30 enterprises workshops were selected in 2014 as "intelligent factory" and "digital workshop" in our city". (reporter Wang Qian)