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Anhui enterprises of new materials for the G20 summit "chelseagreat"

The reporter learned yesterday, by EPU ecological functional polyurethane automobile production in Anhui Amway materials Polytron Technologies Inc independent research and development, Hefei local listed companies leather materials, will be used for the G20 summit in Hangzhou designated car 210 vehicles -- Yingbin Hangzhou Yangtze River automobile's "Yi Ge" pure electric bus, "Yi Sheng" pure electric commercial vehicle seat interior. It is reported that the ecological functions of EPU polyurethane automobile Amway company independent research and development, production of leather, bright colors, clear pattern, soft and comfortable, durable durability of 10~20, its hydrolysis resistance, light resistance, aging resistance of the material reached the international advanced level standard. In particular, to achieve a breakthrough in environmental performance and light weight, the product to achieve the low content of VOC emissions, odor free surface, effectively replacing the PVC artificial leather and leather seat fabric, solves the problem of interior environmental performance is poor, the traditional automobile plasticizer easy migration, low temperature, high temperature feel stiff leather sticky and smell etc.