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The legend of Princess Diana and her love of life classic handbag

If a top brand is named after a person's name, it must have an extraordinary impact on the fashion world and even on global women. If several brands name a handbag with one person's name, then that person is no doubt a legend. The late Princess Diana is such a legend. Tod s classic handbag D bag D is Christian Dior Diana Wang Ki; the most famous bag of Lady Dior Lady is a symbol of Diana Wang Ki; Gucci Diana bag is a modified version of the Tottenham Diana package like bamboo; luxury accessories brand Lana Marks has a Diana Wang Ki named Princess Diana bag. 
Christian Dior Lady Dior    
Princess Diana had many different styles of Lady Dior handbags, and the first was a gift from the former French first lady. Diana Wang Ki, the elegant handbag "fall in love at first sight", has been photographed many times to take Lady Dior to attend official occasions photos. Later, the handbag was named Lady Dior. Lady Dior is noble, elegant and feminine, suitable for formal and semi formal occasions. The Diana package only double handle, can only be portable; later in order to adapt to the modern life, Lady Dior joined the strap design, make it more convenient and comfortable back up.
Lady Dior classic black handbag
LADY DIOR VERMILLON chrome tanned calfskin leather handbag
Tod 's D bag
Princess Diana's life before the Tod s brand favored, plus many photos have recorded her foot Tod 's peas shoes, hand naked color original D bag elegant moments. The classic design detail of D bag is the elegant almond handle design, D bag, which was designed several times later, but the almond handle continues. Diana was used in the original D bag founder, closer to a practical and elegant Tote bag. The improved version of D bag uses a softer cortex, and the entire bag is more rounded. Diana died after 1997, Tod 's D bag handbag named tribute to a legendary idol.
Gucci Diana bag
One of the most famous brands of bamboo bags has been used by countless celebrities or celebrities. Diana is also one of them. The princess with a simple design suede bamboo handle tote bag set off the upsurge of bamboo package Gucci. In 2012, Gucci engraved this classic, and named it Diana bag, so that modern women can also carry on this era of classic bags.
Lana, Marks, Princess, Diana, bag
Lana Marks, the famous designer of American accessories, was a good friend of Princess Diana's life, and two people became attached to a classic handbag. That year, Lana Marks should be Brazil Ambassador Mrs. invitation Princess designed a handbag handbag, elegant and slender, Diana saw very love, "said the package and his as long and slim". Princess Diana also invited designer Lana Marks to visit the house of Marks and became close friends with her at the end of her lifetime.