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At the end of the year, from Christmas to the next year, parties and parties followed, and what to wear became a question to think about. Seeing the year-end bonus in the wave, may wish to buy a nice pair of shoes yourself. A good pair of shoes will not only make you feel comfortable, but also make the styling more fashionable. UP.  
As a taste of the fashionable woman, you need to choose a pair of shoes is not known.
Understanding of this brand, please stop staying on "dinosaur shoes". Comfortable and well worn, with high heels, you can run with Tyrannosaurus rex. But in fact, the brand also has many styles of Yan Zhichao high.
Sam Edelman from the upper east side of New York launched a Gigi shoe in 2009, selling more than 500 thousand pairs in the world. It can be said that in Europe and the United States, a pair of shoes are available.
In addition to this Sam Edelman flat sandals, shoes and ballet shoes are also very amazing.
Of course, in the more popular classic shoes, they also fit into some popular elements. Retro velvet fabrics, chic print designs... These designs are all the more fashionable for Sam Edelman shoes.
The high-heeled shoes for the annual meeting and party are also the styles that Sam Edelman is very good at. A classic stiletto color is very wide, in addition to all-match black and bare, and fashionable pink blue and metallic colors...