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How to Distinguish the handbag quality

 How to Distinguish the handbag quality 
Watch the appearance,  check the printing and pattern. Compared the photo and
book of internet.  It is better not to find some second hands book from foreign countries, some of detail is not correct. Furthermore, check the handcraft and stitching line. The specific criteria can only be judged by you, Unless you can find an expert to explain it. The more comfortable the bag, the better. The smoother the stitching line, the better the bag.,
Regarding the hand feel of the bag. The general feel the better the material is better. This is not to say that the softer the better. Since some of style was made in a harder material. As long as real product, once you compare with the imitations, the leather  are softer and softer, and there will be a nice glossy sheen.
Once you smell it with a strong smell, it will not be a good products. The worse the smell, the worse it is. Because the poor quality pu with a strong smell. In addition. A large amount of glue is used in the production of handbags, A good manufacturer of super A bag are all imported glue with a strong smell.  When you touch the good products, the leather will be emitted emit faint fragrance.
If you smell bad smell, that means, it is not good goods! 
4, Accessories.
Hardware is an important criterion of judgment, The general of good goods is bright and solid, no sharp edge. Especially the zipper, the zipper of good manufacturer is pulled up smooth. Generally good manufacturer's handbag is imported glue. Volatile acidity is less. Hardware doesn't change very quickly, the metal color will not be faded without 1-2 years. 
One is the material that is used is not good sense ,Because this style is soft leather,The bad material is not strong,Although the softness of the handbag material is not strong,Good materials are soft and powerful, The second for making sample, good manufacturers are generally good technical teachers. A good imitation handbag is not only the same shape, The angle of the special part is the same ,And the number of pinholes should be the same as the number of pinholes in each part of the product,material, pattern, stitching, stitching length,It is consistent with the original product to ensure the consistency of the model.
This is also a very important factor in judging the quality of handbags, often low-level imitation bags, which are not good,The average person only looks at the appearance to judge, rarely pay attention to the details inside,Because the real essence imitation handbag is to break down the genuine handbag to make the edition, except some material may be difficult to replicate, the partition of commonly inside, modelling will be copied by original copy,
7,Special accessories and Numbers
Each LV bags has a special serial number that has special markings on different parts,But most friends are hard to distinguish,This is also a reason for many manufacturers to cheat customers,